The boat that will try to beat the existing record, crossing the Atlantic Ocean as Cristoforo Colombo did, was launched by Cantiere Valdettaro.

Cantiere Valdettaro is the place where Calaluna was launched and it will now leave Le Grazie in order to face the Discovery Route challenge. The Sailing Yacht Class 40 will try to beat the record, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and following the route that Cristoforo Colombo did in 1492: it is one of the most prestigious and hard challenge of the sailing pelagic world. The Starting point will be Cadiz, in Spain, on January 25th and the arriving point will be San Salvador, Bahamas. The goal: sailing over than 7000 km in less than 19 days and 12 hours. Actually, the challenge has already started in the historical shipyard Cantiere Valdettaro, in Le Grazie. Here, the boat Calaluna has been prepared to face, at its best conditions, the pelagic regatta. The expertise of Cantiere Valdettaro has carried out the refitting process in order to guarantee the best performance and resistance.

“We are honored and proud of it” – Ugo Vanelo, Cantiere Valdettaro General Manager, highlights – “We are deeply proud that the Extreme Sail Academy choose us to bring its boat to a higher level: this is a fundamental point in order to face the challenge at the best and to increase the chances to win. Who is part of the sailing world knows that the Discovery Route is one of the most prestigious award that a sailor can achieve. Therefore, we are happy to be part of this project”.

In fact, the brand of the shipyard will be printed on Calaluna’s boom: Class 40, completely made in italy, length 12,19m, width 4,5m with a sail area of 320mq and a maximum speed of 34 km/h. The sailing Yacht is ready to make its way to America.




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